About me

LaTianna created Haus of LaLa to revive her passion in multimedia arts & writing while mixing it with therapy. Working as a creative art therapist for the past 11 years, she began to contemplate how to use her creative side and love for spontantiety outside the therapy room. She remembered her love for acting in high school, and other recent experiences acting for social justice, making fashion videos, traveling, and hosting events as an emcee.

She learned fashion and styling under the influence of fashion and music icon Kelis in 2011. It was at this time she fell in love with traveling the world, touring with Kelis to Dubai, Malaysia, Egypt, & Lebanon. She knew she wanted to inspire and help others grow and glow using fashion, travel, and mental health. 

For the past 3 years, LaTianna decided to pursue her passions by becoming a social content creator. It gave her space to find freedom & joy. She now inspires others pursue their passions & life purpose while developing their own personal lifestyle, one outfit at a time.  

During her free time, she continues to pursue her love for fashion & travel. LaTianna loves to explore new cultures, places to eat and drink, spend time her family, model, and write.

My haus is a dwelling place for your passion for fashion to thrive. I help women live a fashionable life, one outfit at a time. I educate and entertain others to explore try new experiences in travel, fashion, and lifestyle.  – LaLa


Haus of Fashion

Fashion is therapy! Get inspired with fashion forecasts, tips n’ tricks, brand reviews & my fashion diaries


Haus of health

Learn ways to nurture yourself and your relationships. Boost your mental health and wellness at LaLa’s Love Haus. 


Haus of travel

Experiential adventures at its finest! Get inspired to travel and see what the world has to offer you. Tips of where to go and how to go about it! 


“Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them.”

-Marc Jacobs

Throwback : VDay Look Book

Fashion music video produced by LaLa. A special feature with Amaris (Glam), beauty blogger & therapist. LaLa and Glam sport 4 looks perfect for a ladies’ night out or date night.