My Story

Acting, fashion, & rediscovering my femininity saved my life!

I grew up quiet and sad. I never expressed the real me and felt like I had to mold myself to fit in. Depression became my friend and a foe. It took a high school drama teacher to get me out of my shell. She told me to audition for a Shakespeare play, “Taming of the Shrew,” and she casted me. I played a valley girl wench and it was awesome! I did not have any prior experience with acting, but I was eager to learn. That was the defining moment of seeing the world as a playground, a place to explore and to learn more about one’s inner self.  

I created this blog as soon as I found myself feeling empty of not creating or expressing my point of view. I am very successful with my dramatic art therapy career, but I was tired of being the facilitator and not the participator of play and fun. I merged my love for fashion, acting, photography, and videography to make Haus of LaLa, based off of the German word “house,” I wanted to create a way where people come back home to something within them with each st of content I create for brands. I now share my world as a black woman, seeking the dream to remain creative and free to live life as a free spirit.  It brings me great joy to see others rekindle their relationship to fun and exploring the world by seeing me do the same. 

Fun Facts

  • My life surrounds the 4 Fs: Fashion, Family, Faith, Flowers
  • I was once selectively mute as a child.
  • I performed in the Vagina Monologues to raise awareness on Intimate Partner Violence.
  • The Cookie Monster and I are best friends!  I have a huge addiction to cookies… the crunchier the better!
  • I flew to 3 continents, 4 countries in a 2 week span (Dubai, Malaysia, Egypt, Lebanon)… now that was wild!
  • I’m a Vision Board Party Queen! I need more storage for all the magazines I have!

LaLa’s Vision

I want for you

To fashionably bloom into your most authentic self by learning how to grow your intuition and playful spirit.

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