"The energy of Lala’s 20/20 Vision Board Event  was warm and authentic. I felt comfortable with her asking me insightful questions and sharing reflective conversations. Personally, one take away from the event is being able to openly express myself artistically through series of pictures and words.”
Anna Leticia Imperial @highandwildforlife
Anna Leticia Imperial
"LaTianna, thank you for giving us your time and expertise in the excellent presentation you gave for our group in February 2020. We know your life is incredibly busy, and we really appreciate you giving us a part of it. We always strive to offer the best in educational presentations for our community, and we are grateful to you for helping us to reach that goal. Having an actual hands-on method to aim for a specific objective is so helpful. Our attendees really enjoyed creating their vision boards. Thank goodness we were able to have that class before the lock-down!"
Susan Memorial Care Long Beach Cancer
Susan Garrison
Co-Manager Women Guiding Women: Cancer Support & 
Education of Memorial Care Long Beach