Living Well: 3 Things To Do

“Wellness seeks more than the absence of illness; it searches for new levels of excellence. Beyond any disease-free neutral point, wellness dedicates its efforts to our total well-being – in body, mind, and spirit.”

– Greg Anderson


This quote spoke to me today and I reflected on the following: What would make life well balanced and better? What does a positive wellness lifestyle look like? Can it be found in things, in people, or within yourself?

Things do not last forever and you cannot take it with you to your grave.

People change their views and opinions, and you cannot always rely on others. They have their own free will to come into your life and to leave your life.

You can never get away from yourself. You are in charge of your body, your will, and your emotions.   

It seems to me that the only thing we can control is ourselves. Should this be the starting point to the road of health and happiness?​​

Well, it sounds like a great place to start! Good health does not come from the absence of something, but rather preventative and maintenance care. It is wise to not delay on adding wellness activities into your life. You are important! If you can give yourself some TLC, you will find yourself more full to spread that love you hold. You being healthy is not only good for you, but also the people around you.



Our brain is always activating messages simultaneously to make us respond to our emotions, life experiences and daily functioning. The way we think can influence our mood. Our mood can lead into actions (positive or negative). These actions can be reinforced as a behavior. Ongoing behaviors will reveal your character. You get to choose what you meditate on every day. We have the ability to learn new ways of how we think and how we perform. It will either be optimistic or pessimistic/ positive or negative. Research has demonstrated that positive thinking is essential to healthy living. Joelle C. Ruthig & associates found that greater health optimism was associated with a stronger sense of control over one’s health and greater engagement in health behaviors, whereas a realistic view of one’s poor health was associated with weaker perceived health control and less great health behaviors. (July 2011 Journal of Psychology and Health article)



As you begin to identify healthy ways you want to train your mind, your body will begin to respond with the changes. We only get one body in this life. It is your temple. What are you filling it with and what type of outside maintenance are you completing? It is a no brainer that exercise is important. I encourage you to find new activities that can be a challenge for you. This can help you stay motivated in the fitness realm. Food is also important. Start off with a food record to evaluate your food intake and mood for one week. Each day write what you ate,and write about how it affected your mood and how it affected you physically. Did you get tired? Energized? Happy? Sad? You may just find a pattern of stress eating or a pattern of not feeling well after eating, or you feel well. From your records, begin to spice up your life with new dishes and meals that are healthy and not as pre-packaged or take out. Start small, and do not deprive yourself from things you love. Keep your sweet tooth! Balance is everything.



Hearing this phrase you automatically think, “I must go to church.” This is not necessarily true. Activities that create a sense of belonging, self-awareness, and deep thinking is important for everyone. Some find it in church, temple, religious ceremonies, yoga, prayer, nature, meditation, deep reflections while jogging, etc. There are so many ways to feed your spirit. The main thing is that you need to personalize it and create meaning. If it has no meaning, you will not value your experience. This could lead you to take things for granted. Even practicing gratitude can help throw away that nasty attitude.

That concludes my 3 secrets to a life well-lived. Your mind, body, and soul are connected, and working together. Start by evaluating what small things you can change and go from there!

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