Life Purpose & 1 Easy Way To Find It (2020)

Your life purpose is a calling. You are called and chosen to do it. If you do not believe you are chosen, you will not fulfill it. Your mind and your heart knows there’s more to life than this, and this activity is to help you see:

“All things work together for good.”

Apostle Paul in the Book of Romans

You can follow these directions or see this video below to learn how to do this. The video shows step by step, and is a good 10 minute investment to listen to in order to see my thought process and learn more about why I choose to help people with their emotional, spiritual, & fashion styling health.

How to find your purpose with one activity


  • Paper
  • Pen
  • A sound mind, meditate and take some deep breaths before starting.

The Process

  1. Think of a vision statement that would sum up what you want to do FOR PEOPLE. What is it you want to do to help someone is the best starting point in knowing your life purpose. My example in the video: “I don’t just want to get your fashion style right, I want to get your soul right.”
  2. Draw a circle around your vision statement
  3. From there, think of life experiences that have shaped your life. My example in the video is the creation of this website and the theme #BloomWithTherapy. Begin to think of the reasons “Your Why” (For me, I love flowers and the process of blooming. I love seeing others change using creative art therapy as it personally helped me, and my friends and family find healing in creating as well.)
  4. From that circle, create a new web of your experiences. For example, after circling #bloomwiththerapy, I decided to draw a line from it and list my experiences working in mental health. It can be words, phrases, or experiences. You can also draw symbols if something comes to you. For me, the butterfly comes up a lot in my life personally. I love learning about the process it takes to become a butterfly.
  5. Let the web continue and expand throughout the entire paper.

End Result

You will have an amazing sheet of paper that shows your true passions, and you get the WHY as to how this vision awakened you. From this I recommend doing a vision board, and creating a goal on how to reach your vision. Do not focus on many goals, just something one at a time. Break it down more and identify ways to get to that specific goal. Think about what you can do daily, weekly, biweekly, and monthly to get there. Do you need education, consultation, supplies, etc.?

If you have a hard time creating life goals, you can always get a free consultation with me.

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