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With the ups and downs in life, it is hard to sometimes see the purpose for it all. I understand how hard it is to juggle life’s disappointments, unpredictability, and mishaps. From relationships, family, work, and life passions, you may feel as if you keep hitting a dead end. You may feel empty, alone, or feel nothing at all. Loneliness, shame and guilt seems to creep in and bother you at the wrong times, and now you notice your relationships are hanging by a thread. On top of it all, you are anxious for what the future brings for your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. You have no clue where to begin sorting everything out. I am here to help you reassemble the pieces in the way you see fit and assist you in transforming your lifestyle from the inside out with counseling services in the Los Alamitos/Long Beach area.

Some of the Lifestyle Challenges That You May Experience:

  • Feeling misunderstood and not being heard.
  • Difficulties establishing, or maintaining healthy relationships and boundaries.
  • Not feeling loved or appreciated.
  • You are having symptoms of depression, symptoms of anxiety, PTSD symptoms, or you are experiencing other signs of distress.
  • Feeling hopeless and incapable of overcoming daily challenges.
  • Having little to no energy to find solutions to your current state of mind and being.
  • Physiological issues of pain, overwhelming sense of sadness, and anxiety.
  • Criticizing your actions and what your body looks like.
  • Feeling as if you are not living out your life purpose.
  • Difficulties staying motivated due to overthinking or feeling tired all the time.

How Individual Therapy Can Help

  • Gain insight and knowledge into how your life experiences affect your mind, body, soul and spirit.
  • Increase your intuition and trust yourself.
  • Learn new ways of coping and handling your stress in positive ways.
  • Increase connections and intimacy with your loved ones.
  • Renew your life purpose, and ways to begin in the right direction.
  • Heal from the past, knowing that it is a continual life process.
  • Grow in self love.
  • Transforming your mindset to transform your mood and life.
  • Practice ways to get better at communication and conflict resolution.

 I Can Help

I take it with honor in helping you get though your current life hardships. My clients have described me as trusting, empathic and understanding of their issues. I provide a safe space where you can explore your identity, hang ups, habits, and creativity. It’s time to be free and let go of the pain you hold onto for so long.

Individual therapy is a great outlet for you to receive support and rescript your life in a way you fashion. I offer child counseling, teen counseling and support, adult counseling, and adults over 50 counseling services.

Courage means willing to risk everything.

Sanford Meisner

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