About LaLa

""A deep and profound confidence awakened within me once I allowed myself to play and embody my true authentic self. Reinventing my inner muse has bloomed me and many other clients into receiving infinite love and inspiration using feminine energy, spirituality, and psychology." - LaLa

LaTianna uses all of her experiences as a dramatic art therapist and spiritual teacher to help women cultivate and maintain healthy love from an abundant standpoint vs. a scarcity point of view.  She has helped successful working women reach true love by breaking limiting vows and beliefs, balancing out their feminine energy, and using science and manifestation tools.

Her purpose is to be a guiding light to those who desire to thrive in self-love & love relationships. She enjoys seeing her clients come back home into their feminine essence and rescript their life story. 

LaTianna's Mission:

To serve women who desire to return home to their feminine essence, reinvent their inner muse, & love their life on a higher level.

We provide creative therapeutic programs, workshops, & retreats to unleash your inner muse. We hold space for you to heal and bloom into a wiser, ever evolving you. We are here to not only get your lifestyle right, but also to get your soul right!


LaTianna Williams, AMFT, MS, CTRS

Founder of Haus of LaLa Inc.

M.S. Counseling in Psychology December 2018

B.A. Psychology and certification in Recreation Therapy with a specialization in Theatre Arts December 2008

National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification #57485 Expires 6-30-2021

Ministry School Completion at In His Prescence Church January 2010