Reawaken Inner Beauty: BeautyCon January 2019

Welcome back to my haus !

I wanted to share one of the many things I LOVE ABOUT LOS ANGELES:


So far BeautyCon takes the cake! A pop up about fashion, fashion icons, and beauty inspiration. This is called BeautyCon. My friend Anniefound this gem, and said, “Let’s go!!” We went the same day we planned it! Below are some photos for our editorial with the theme of ‘Self Exploration.’ BeautyCon provides a space where you are free to engage with the world around you. You are empowered to make choices. (As a side note: This is one of the principals of Trauma-Informed care: EMPOWERMENT. VOICE. CHOICE. Having your own freedom to choose and giving the space for others to make their own decisions without judgment is crucial to the healing process.

This is what sparked my first music video, and I’m excited to share it with you. It was because of BeautyCon my creative mind began to flow. As a child, I would listen to a song and ruminate on it to the point where I created music videos in my head. What would it look like, how would it be filmed, the wardrobe, the characters, etc.

Tell me what you think about my first production vlog.

A few of our fashion choices were from Vivi Collections, Forever 21, and Express.

I’ll see you soon,

xoxo LaLa


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