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12 Hacks to Declutter Your Mind

*** I’m a contributing editor for PsychoSocial Media. Here is an article I’ve written to learn how to ease your mind.  For more information on all things Psychosocial, check out their website (link for the rest of the article is also below).

“The brain’s response to any demand is considered stress.”

-(National Institute of mental health:

Do you ever find yourself bombarded with thought after thought?

What am I going to eat for lunch?

Did I schedule that meeting for this weekend or next?

Where should I be headed in my career right now?

How do I address this with my significant other?

Did mom remember to take her medication?

I need to finish this project.

Did I just offend them?

I hope this works out.

Am I going to feel safe in this space?

Do I belong here?

Whoa! Let’s stop and rewind for a second…

Now take a deep breath and press play.

You see our minds and bodies have a limited amount of space to hold stress, so the thoughts we have cannot remain in our minds forever, otherwise we would be in a constant battle with them.

So remember, the more we avoid or ignore these thoughts, the more they can bring trouble to our physiological and emotional life.

Let’s call this phenomenon of competing, stressful thoughts “mental clutter.” In the same way Marie Kondo helps others to see the physical clutter in their household, I am here to remind you that your mind is also a kind of home that needs to be decluttered now and then.

What happens if you find your mind too cluttered?

  • You may have high levels of anxiety.
  • You may not get enough hours of sleep.
  • You may multitask so much that it is not actually productive and nothing gets done.
  • You may have low tolerance for others and yourself
  • You may feel like an emotional mess trying to figure everything out.

Now that you have an idea about the effects of mind clutter, let’s find strategies to make our minds less messy. Below are some mind hacks that anyone can use to help tidy up our minds and soothe our souls!

Go to PsychoSocial Media for the rest of this article. 

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